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Jon Stuebe

Remix v2 Upgrade

October 20th, 2023

1 minute

Went through and upgrade the site to v2 of remix and figured I'd document the process. First off I just wanna say that the remix docs were super helpful in guiding through the steps to upgrade. In the past when I've done upgrades like this it's a huge pain and most of the time it's actually easier to just generate a new project and copy files over. However, because of remix's use of feature flags in their 1.x release it made this process so great!

Feature Flags

They used feature flags for various pieces such as the dev server, meta, routing, etc. This meant that I just needed to add to my remix config something like:

/** @type {import('@remix-run/dev').AppConfig} */
module.exports = {
  future: {
    v2_dev: true

Then I simply reboot the dev command and my console started telling me where I needed to make updates in my codebase. I did this sequentially for all of the feature flags and one by one I upgraded the app.

Once I got all of the warnings/errors completed, I simply upgrade the npm packages to v2 and done!

All in all, I'm extremely pleased with how well thought out the upgrade process was. Huge props to the whole remix team!

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