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Jon Stuebe

Going Headless

October 21st, 2023

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The previous versions of this site have ran on Next.js and now Remix, but usually always with the articles being written in markdown inside of the github repo. This last time around I created a redis instance and cached the articles and other data there so that it was all of the blog posts were loaded at runtime rather than build time.

This worked well, but I didn't love having to add redis for a personal blog. A couple of weeks ago hashnode announced that they were offering a headless graphql api to access posts. After upgrading the site to remix@v2 I decided to take the plunge move the articles to hashnode.

It went really well and I was able to remove all of the redis pieces from the site and simplify things greatly. On top of all of that, I'm quite pleased with the editing and authoring experience in hashnode, and hopefully this will encourage me to blog more.


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